Warranty Policy

BlueWARRIOR Limited Lifetime Warranty

1. BlueWARRIOR products may be replaced free of charge within the first year and repaired free of charge within five years of the purchase date. This warranty covers issues due to any quality defects and does not cover other reasons not related to the manufacturer. The purchasing date as indicated on the invoice (if invoice is not available, the production date on the repaired device label will be regarded as invoice date) will be the assigned warranty period.

2. Free replacement and repair are limited only to the primary unit of the product, and expressly excludes: packaging, connecting wires, software products, technical documents, power connectors, sfp’s are, cabling, and all other external accessories.

3. All warranty products requiring service within the replacement or repair periods must be tested by the manufacturer. All products passing the test, and deemed fit for service will be returned to the customer. Products designated as a defective product will be replaced by a same model or an eligible product with equivalent performance. All products deemed defective will not be returned and shall remain the property of the manufacturer. The manufacturer retains the sole right to all warranty decisions and decisions of eligibility.

4. Notwithstanding the provisions set forth under this Article above: No products are guaranteed by the free replacement and repair warranty as set forth above under the following circumstances;

(1) Damages, faults, or failures of any products that are incurred due to failure to install or use as instructed by the user manual;

(2) Alteration, erasure, changes or damage to the bar code and or part number of the device.

(3) Repairing or disassembling of the product without prior written authorization of the manufacturer.

(4) Modification, alteration, deletion or any other change of the original firmware file settings (file embedded in the product) without prior written permission of the manufacturer, which causes damage, fault or failure, etc. of the product, or virus intrusion that may result due to modification.

(5) Damages or failures of the products are the result of handling or transportation by the customer or agents of the customer.

(6) Damages, faults, or failures of the product that are the result of or caused by unexpected factors or deliberate misconduct such as: incorrect voltage input, high temperature, water penetration, mechanical disruption, crashing breakage, severe oxidation, rusting or coating.

(7) Damages or failures of the product that are caused by force majeure events (such as war, earthquake or fire disaster).

All decisions by BlueWARRIOR are final.

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