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BlueWARRIOR combines decades of industrial leadership with cutting-edge data science and analytics acumen to create an efficient, productive and reliable digital-rail – networked ecosystem. From shipper to receiver – from ports to intermodal terminals – Main Line Locomotives, Railcars, Light Rail and Subways- to train yards, operation and safety centers. BlueWARRIOR Industrial networks do the tough jobs in harsh environments.

When it comes to a network business like rail, a small improvement in efficiency can have massive operational impacts. According to the US Department of Transportation, the US rail freight industry experiences 500,000 delays a year and one in four trains suffer unplanned downtime. By increasing the average speed of each train by 1.6km/h, and reducing the amount of time trains are stationary by 1%, the savings to the industry could be as high as $US 4.7bn. Imagine what BlueWARRIOR could do for your Light Rail – in addition to Rail Freight.

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By increasing the average speed of each train by 1.6km/h, and reducing the amount of time trains are stationary by 1%, the savings to the industry could be as high as $US 4.7bn

Real-World Applications


Driverless Innovia Monorail


Nevada, USA

Key Components

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In the United States, at airports and in major tourist areas, the use of new driverless monorail systems are being built and made operational.

No company builds a better system than Bombardier Corporation of Canada. From O’Hare International Airport to Las Vegas, the Bombardier “Innovia People Mover Light Railway Systems” are being built.

Secure, safe communication and sensor systems are a must for the passengers and trains. Constant remote surveillance of all operating systems is required – no exceptions.

BlueWARRIOR & ORing Networks provide these systems both train-side and trackside, for non-stop monitoring and communications

An O’Hare Operations Manager was quoted: “We know more about what is going on with our trains that we ever have before. They are safer, cleaner, and most importantly – on time.”

  • Supports EN50155 standards
  • Din-Rail Modular Design – Selectable Modules & Ports
  • IEC 61375 Compliance (TTDP)
  • Solution sets for Trainside & Trackside
  • Power input 12 ~ 48 Volts DC / Wide Temperature Range -40 ~ +75C
  • Reliability – Long MTBF

BlueWARRIOR has the solution. Using the IGS-9122GPM Modular Ethernet System – built specifically for the railway transportation systems, our network designs include fully redundant Ethernet solutions. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to the safety and security of our rail passengers.

The modular IGS-9122GPM supports Gigabit Ethernet, including by-pass ports for redundancy and safety. The device supports both copper and ber optic ports. The modular cards support easy swap out for troubleshooting, and offer flexibility in upgrading and expanding network systems. The base chassis supports 12 x 10/100/1000Base(T)X Ports and 2 x 100/1000 SFP Slots.

Maintenance crews use the Backup data dongle to back up the complete Ethernet switch configuration – without the use of a PC or knowledge of IP addressing.

We invented EZ Maintenance for Ethernet switches and will continue our quest for simplicity and reliability. Our solutions include a complete line of M-12 / IP67 Ethernet network switches. Our products are used around the world – in the harshest and environmentally challenging industrial installations.

Industrial Internet of Things – aka “The Important Stuff ”

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