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In A Connected Information World, People Move Through Life More Easily

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Better information connections mean we all get through the day with greater ease and convenience. People receive the information they need, right when they need it. Cities are able adapt to the needs of citizens. Cars talk to drivers and each other to avoid collisions and optimize travel routes. Airplanes keep pilots informed about the weather, and passengers in touch with their lives below. Infrastructure is maximized to benefit citizens at an optimal cost.

By harnessing a broad set of disruptive technical innovations – from responsive infrastructure to advanced data connectivity – BlueWARRIOR is enabling governments and businesses to create better experiences for everyone. Like hyper-connected inflight experiences that accommodate personal data and preferences… street lamps that know when to conserve energy and keep citizens safe through linked security… and dynamic signage that talks to smartphones by bundling data in invisible beams of light. (Think BlueWARRIOR Lidar Solutions for Perimeter control).

By improving people’s experiences on the road, in the air, at stores and at work, BlueWARRIOR technologies are moving us all toward a better life and a better world.

By harnessing a broad set of disruptive technical innovations, BlueWARRIOR is enabling governments and businesses to create better experiences for everyone.


Smart Street Light Solutions


Colorado Springs, CO, USA

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In 2010 Colorado Springs, Colorado turned off many its street lights to save money. Turning off 1/3 of the city’s 24,512 street lights saved 1.3 million dollars in electricity costs.

Cities want to save money, but not cut services to its citizens. One U.S city has turned to BlueWARRIOR for a solution to its growing light budget.

Using low cost BlueWARRIOR LCP Modules the city is in the process of achieving three goals for its citizens.

  1. Save Money on Electricity Costs
  2. Achieve complete control over it street lighting
  3. Provide better service to the community through the use of less light.

As one city council woman noted:

“A small investment now, returns continuing $$ every year and allows the city to deploy even more unique services going forward. We want our lights to stay on”

  • Supports MQTT & ANSI C136.41 (NEMA) standards
  • Real time transmission of data
  • Plug & Go Water Proof Equipment – Use existing personnel for installation
  • Solution for non sensored lights
  • Interface to Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure Cloud’s
  • Saves money and tracks savings

BlueWARRIOR has the solution. Using the KY-LCP series controllers, the city was able to install and connect all of its street lights assets. There was no rip and replace of street lights. City crews just replaced the sensors on its cobra head lights, throughout the city. One LCP Master controls 100 Slave units in the wireless network that controls all of the city’s lighting assets. The LCP series is low cost and is Plug & Play. (30 Seconds to replace a sensor – after you are up at the light). Non-sensored lights use the KY-LCB Series for adaptation to the wireless city control network. The BlueWARRIOR Solution covers all lighting types.

The wireless network is tied into the fiber infrastructure of city using the BlueWARRIOR KY-3170 Traffic Switch and the KY-4807 Industrial Ethernet switch. Our advanced industrial Ethernet technology makes advanced city services possible. Using MRP Ring Technology, we deliver ultra-reliable networks for continuous round the clock applications.

With the deployment of the lighting control network – the city realized that they had a need for more bandwidth, throughout the city, and to remote sub-division housing in the outer areas. The city asked BlueWARRIOR to build a small Layer 3,
10 GbE in the 3170 Traffic Switch format. Using the same fiber currently under the streets, we will deliver 10 times more bandwidth. BlueWARRIOR plans to deliver the new KY3170Tx and the new KY-3100Tx Layer 3 routers. Small form factor, designed to operate in the traffic cabinet, with Dual 10 GbE SFP fiber slots and an additional 2 x 1 GbE SFP Slots & 6 x 10/100/1000Base(T)X RJ-45 Ports.

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