Intelligent Transportation Systems

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Federal, State, County and Local governments are under intense pressure to deliver higher standards of services to more people at a lower cost than ever before. This requires Departments of Transportation along with local Roads & Street Departments to build not only for today, but envision the infrastructure of tomorrow. Today we have infrastructure that we communicate to; tomorrow we will have a transportation infrastructure that we communicate and interact with.

layer 2 ethernet switches for factory automation

To meet this challenge we must:

  • Maximize the reliability and efficiency of our network communications systems, so that they deliver high-quality data, securely, reliably and at the lowest possible cost.
  • Install devices that raise the level of safety and convenience for the citizens, and provide advanced analytical information to those who run and maintain our roads, bridges.
  • Provide Cyber-Security, Cyber-Secure Video, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to our information networks.
  • Find a partner with the depth of expertise, the resources, and the commitment to support you through the entire system lifecycle.
  • Provide leading edge Layer 3, 10 Gigabit, Network designs
  • Automated Analytics for Advanced Video Asset Management

Today we have infrastructure that we communicate to; tomorrow we will have a transportation infrastructure that we communicate and interact with.

Real-World Applications


Wichita Traffic Control Systems


Wichita, KS, USA

Key Components

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In 2002, the City of Wichita, KS approved a program for regional Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) projects. One of the projects consisted of upgrading existing traffic signal systems. A part of this project was to build out network connectivity between the traffic signal cabinets. This required network hardware, including managed network switches used to monitor , regulate, and switch traffic in each signal cabinet. The DYMEC 3170 Traffic Switch was selected in 2010 after an extensive selection process.

  • Network Connectivity between traffic signals, requires managed traffic Ethernet switches to monitor, regulate and switch network traffic in each signal cabinet
  • The Ethernet switch should have fiber Gigabit uplinks for broadband connectivity
  • The Ethernet switch must be NEMA TS-2 Outdoor Certified / RoHS Compliant High Security Ethernet
  • Energy efficient solution is required in order to save power consumption, provide quick ROI, and extend the life span of the entire system

In July, 2010, the BlueWARRIOR 3170 switch was selected by the City of Wichita, Kansas. The 3170 switch was chosen because it met all of the bid requirements and the switch would save the city over $20,000 per year, annually in electricity costs. The multi- million dollar Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) in Wichita has installed over 500 switches in all of the traffic signal cabinets within the city. The switch uses less than 8 watts in operating power and is tied to a wireless uplink.. The 3170 switchprovides the city the flexibility to use either copper or fiber uplinks. The Intelligent Traffic Project puts the City of Wichita in the forefront of the Green Revolution and 21st Century Technology.

The BlueWARRIOR 3170 is a Managed, Industrial Ethernet Traffic switch that is designed to save valuable space within a traffic cabinet. Added benefits include the use of very low power, and little in heat generation. It is because the switch uses very little power, that we generate very little heat. Less heat leads to longer component and system lifetimes – making the 3170 a highly reliable product. The switch can be installed in less than 1 minute into any Traffic Cabinet with an open dual slot in a detector input chassis. Supports both NEMA and Non -NEMA cabinets. The 3170 has a wide range power supply of 9~36 Volts DC. No more messy power supplies and power cabling to be added to the traffic cabinet. Clean filtered power is provided directly from the back-plane of the detector chassis.

The City of Wichita now has all of their remote traffic cabinets under central management via a very reliable and low cost of operation network. Automated inventort, software upgrades, and maintenance are accomplished via the network. 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

BlueWARRIOR products run silently and save money.

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