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BlueWARRIOR Protects Critical Industrial and Manufacturing Infrastructure with Continuous Network Surveillance & Monitoring

Organizations with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems must protect themselves from an increasing number of threats from cyber-attacks and maintain compliance with strict regulatory requirements.

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks contain computers and software that perform critical tasks and provide essential services within critical infrastructure. They’re considered by cyber strategists to be the backbone of any country. Critical infrastructure, and control systems, require protection from a variety of cyber threats that could compromise their ordinary operation. The industry relies on BlueWARRIOR Industrial Networks for Cyber-Security.

BlueWARRIOR SCADA systems are used to monitor the key parameters of production processes and to operate their control to ensure the proper provisioning of critical services.

Originally, these systems were designed in an environment with the sole intent to monitor processes without considering the security requirements and the needs to protect them from external threats. The control networks were isolated and could only be accessed by being physically on-site. SCADA systems have a life cycle of decades. Many of those critical components that operate today do so in a context that’s completely different from the one they have been designed for. They’re exposed on Internet with obvious security risks. BlueWARRIOR secure networking provides the solution set you need.

Our global footprint and scale allows us to provide the right solutions for every challenge. BlueWARRIOR helps industrial manufacturers to ensure the safety and security Industrial Production Equipment, Cyber Systems and other assets by continuously monitoring their enterprise and SCADA networks for vulnerabilities, threats, and issues in compliance and security.

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BlueWARRIOR helps industrial manufacturers to ensure the safety and security of equipment and systems by continuously monitoring their SCADA networks for vulnerabilities, threats, and issues in compliance.

Real-World Applications


Eagle Ford Shale Formation Oil Field


Eagle Ford, TX, USA

Key Components

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In south Texas the Oil Boom is in full swing. South Texas is where the Eagle Ford Shale formation (oil field) is located. The town of Cotulla, is one of the locations where the drilling of oil and gas is going on night and day.

Oilfields require many services and control systems. The area of Eagle Ford Shale is no different. Pumping stations for water, oil and gas must be monitored and controlled. Video camera’s for safety and security are needed, and must be monitored reliably, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

It was decided that the best solution was to install a fully redundant fiber ring, with wireless links. Capable of providing, real time monitoring of all oil and gas production.

BlueWARRIOR products were chosen because of their rugged reliability and their use in oil patches around the world. Our products are UL Class 1 Division 2 (HazLoc) Hazardous Location. American Certified Ethernet.

  • Oil wells are linked together for operations, pumping and safety monitoring. This establishes a unique set of challenges since an oilfield can span vast distances, with typical locales possessing electrical interference, extreme temperatures, dust, moisture and vibrations. This project, located in the far south of Texas and down to the border of Mexico, means the equipment needs to have the ability to operate in a very hot and dry environment. Temperatures can exceed +52C (+125F). Power Supplies need to be wide range in order to cope with electrical imperfections.
  • It is imperative to utilize rugged networking devices that support long distance and reliable transmission capabilities. Keeping data protected while communicating from the many oil platforms, safety stations, pumps and coltrol valves is accomplished by utilizing fiber optic Ethernet connections. Cyber-Security must be embedded within the network for protection against hacking & bots.

The BlueWARRIOR 3120DM was chosen for its rugged construction and compact design. The switch has 16 x 10/100Base(T)X & 4 x 100/1000 SFP slots. Compact & low power, the switch has 4 uplinks to provide dual redundant rings and lots of bandwidth. The switch is a UL Class 1 Div 2 (HazLoc) Hazardous Location, Industrial Ethernet switch. This device is extremely compact – with the smalles foot print in its class.

Ruggedized – the switch is ruggedized to withstand, vibration, dust, heat, and electrical dips. The power inputs, as well as every data port is protected against electrical surges and spiking. There is no problem co-locating the switch adjacent to oilfield pumps and motors. Dust, smoke and vapor are no threat to the reliable operation of the BlueWARRIOR switch.

The KY-3120DM ia also equipped with Cyber-Secure Video and Clean Code Technology. Secure video transmission – free from hackers. Our silicon enhacements and cyber-secure coding, add to the speed, reliability and security of the switch. Designed from the silicon up to guard against viruses, bots and foreign code. The switch provides constant safeguards against network intrusion, hackers and malware/

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