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Layer 3 Rack Managed Switches

BlueWARRIOR Layer 3, Managed, Gigabit Industrial Ethernet switches support a variety of Fx ports & Tx ports in various interface configurations. Used for secure financial / data transactions, or routing data in rugged outdoor environments for mass transit and industrial applications. BlueWARRIOR Layer 3 switches accelerate deployment of secure / high performance networking with ultra-secure connectivity, location-based services, and remote management. Built with high-performance industrial grade switch chipsets. Our switches come in both Din-Rail and 19” Rack configurations. BlueWARRIOR Layer 3 switch products not only supports rich layer 2 software features such as ports, VLANs, multicast, QoS, and fast redundant ring technology, but also supports static and dynamic routing, & multicast routing. Supports multiple management methods of Console, Web, and host computer network management software, to provide high-performance and exceptionally reliable network solutions for industrial communications. All products are Fanless (convection cooled) -40 ~+85ºC, suitable for remote locations or any harsh or hazardous environments. Certified for vibration areas. Surge protected ports, Relay, and Power Supplies. 5 Year Warranty.

Features On BlueWARRIOR’s Layer 3 Switches

  • FREE Network Management Software that provides security and superior network management functionality. Easy to use GUI 
  • Support for EAPS, MSTP, VRRP, Port Mirroring, ACL and various redundancy & security protocols
  • Security Certified – IEC 62443 Compliant – Industrial Automation and Control Systems
  • IP40 Ingress Protection / Aluminum Shell / Fanless Thermal Design
  • IEC61850 Standard / SNTPv4 (RFC2030)
  • Smart Grid & Intelligent Traffic Systems Certified (NEMA TS-2)
  • FCC / UL / CE / RoHS / Heavy Industry Certified
  • Secure Linux Based, Supports Link Check and NTP
  • Supports the SNMP, PMON, and Telnet network management protocols
  • Supports static routing and supports multiple dynamic routing protocols such as RIP v1/v2 and OSPF v1/v2
  • Support for Port VLAN / IEEE 802.1q VLAN / QoS / Port Aggregation / Port mirroring / IEEE802.1p / ToS DiffServe / IEEE802.1x
  • Supports multiple multicast protocols such as IGMP, PIM-SM, and PIM-D
  • Low power consumption
  • Solutions for: Smart City / ITS / Industrial Automation / Rail  / Power Utility / GRID / Telecommunications / AI / Robotics / Transportation / Security