Kyland-USA Assists Sisters of Saint Francis of the Holy Eucharist

Sisters of Saint Francis: Independence, Missouri Medical Supply Donations and ReUse Project


Charitable Need

The Sisters of St. Francis are located at the very end of Noland Road in an old campus in Independence, Missouri. The campus sits at the end of the road with iron gates and brick pillars. The driveway into the campus is long with farm fields on both sides and a small pond at the bottom of a ravine

The serene campus is very quiet -with services being held at the chapel and the Sisters of St Francis going about their work. Looking around the ground, one would never guess that before the Sister of St. Francis – there was a police firing range here. Before the firing range the campus was a home for wayward women. There is a history here.

The Sisters of St. Francis have a very large operation gathering excess, no longer used medical equipment and supplies. The send large 40 & 80 foot shipping containers of medical equipment around the world and in the US to those who are in need. The operation grew and a large ware-house was built to accommodate the ever growng operation. Now they needed to connect the warehouse to the internet.


  • Connect the main building with the bookstore to the warehouse 150 meters away. Insuring that the connection is reliable
  • The solution must interconnect with the existing unmanaged equipment already there.
  • Must be easy to use and require no operator intervention
  • Expand the existing internet structure and provide additional capabilities.

What we did:

A survey of the site was conducted and a solution set was developed. It was decided that the easiest and most reliable way to link the buidings together was via micro-wave. We installed a microwave link on the medical supply warehouse and on the main builing housing the bookstore with the internet feed to the campus. The microwave link is powered by Power Over Ethernet (P0E+), so no special electrical wiring was needed. A single cable feed at each end povides both the power and data connections. An Un-Managed POE+ switch was installed in the warehouse to provide additional computer connectivity.

In the main building we installed a POE Injector to power the microwave unit, and used it to inter-connect into the existing un-managed network. The link was tested and became operational. A new personal computer was also donated for use in the warehouse. The Sisters of St Francis and the Internet are now one.

If you have unused or excess medical equipment or supplies, please contact the Sisters of St. Francis in Independence, Missouri. The Sisters collect medical equipment & supplies from all around the United States. The needs of people in the world are great: with medicine and medical tratment in short supply. Each and every one of use can make a difference in the world – and help those most in need.