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bluewarrior is an American engineering company, based in Kansas City, Missouri – that specializes in the development of industrial control systems (ICS) for harsh and demanding environments. bluewarrior provides advanced, reliable solutions for industrial information networks by designing ultra-reliable temperature hardened equipment utilizing advanced silicon chip designs.

bluewarrior traces its roots back to Hewlett-Packard (HP) and several other companies as it has worked its way into the 21st Century. Many scientists and engineers have contributed throughout the years to our inventory of knowledge and expertise. bluewarrior is well known in the power and energy sectors as a reliable provider of hardened equipment. bluewarrior provides power substation controls in all 50 states, Canada and Mexico. The company provides industrial strength solutions for multiple industries, such as power utilities, water utilities, and sewer operations. (Both Serial Links and Digital Links)

The company has invested heavily in the design and implementation of network security. Our core technology exists in the embedded functions and management software that reside in our ultra-reliable hardware platforms. We were the first to introduce Clean Code Technology (CCT) and Cyber-Secure Video (CSV). Our video analytics equipment leads the industrial networking industry in redundancy, zero-packet-loss, precision clock synchronization, hardened temperature equipment, ultra-low power consumption, and reliability. Our Security & Surveillance Products include sophisticated data security coding, analytics, as well as physical-layer security. bluewarrior sells the finest industrial control system products, with the smallest carbon footprint – so that the operational costs for the customer are cost effective for the lifetime of the product.

bluewarrior has been evolving with the IEC61850 industrial standards and improving our product offerings. . Over 300 cities use the bluewarrior / Kyland-USA solutions as the backbone for their power, video or intelligent traffic systems (ITS). More than 200 wind turbine control systems utilize bluewarrior devices to manage and operate their wind turbine controls. bluewarrior devices are running in the field 24x7x365.and provide both reliability and security. If you need reliability and durability – then you need bluewarrior.

Secure Industrial Control and Communications is our goal. We provide superior hardware engineered products combined with NSA / CSS best practice software coding.

bluewarrior – Engineering Solutions for Industry.

bluewarrior is a registered trademark of Kyland-USA.